WisteV-wistra-New Years Conference 2021 | 15th & 16th JAN

As Board Member and Member of the Committee at WisteV Rechtsanwalt Dr. Markus Rübenstahl co- organizes the

– WisteV-New Year’s Online Conference 2021

again, which is entitled

„Grenzbereiche zwischen tatbestandlichem und tatbestandslosem Verhalten im Wirtschaftsstrafrecht und im Wirtschaftsstrafverfahren“ (Borderline between criminal and non-criminal behaviour in white-collar crime law and white-collar proceedings).

In addition, Dr. Rübenstahl will chair a working group on the topic of „Tatbestandliches Verhalten und rechtmäßiges Alternativverhalten im Steuerstrafrecht und im Steuerstrafverfahren(Criminal behaviour and legitimate alternative behaviour in criminal tax law and criminal tax proceedings) of the panel „Steuerstrafrecht, insbesondere Inhalt der – elektronischen – Steuererklärung und Inhalt der Erklärungs- und Mitwirkungspflichten(Criminal tax law, in particular of the content of – electronic – tax returns and the content of declaration obligations and cooperation obligations).

The conference addresses to people from all over Germany (language is German) who are interested in white-collar crime.

Further information & registration:

Program & registration WisteV-wistra-New Years Conference 2021

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